Efficient Commercial Electricians

Lana Tradie has supplied commercial electrical services throughout Wollongong and the surrounding suburbs of the Northern Illawarra region since 2004.

Lana Tradie ensures the electrical safety, efficiency, and functionality of our commercial customers’ workplaces by completing quality, compliant and functional electrical work and providing exceptional customer service.

We pride ourselves on being consistently punctual, professional, productive, honest, reliable, respectful, clean & tidy, fair, fun, and friendly. It’s our culture, built on these core values, that has earned us the reputation as one of the best commercial electricians in Wollongong.

Why use a Licensed Electrical Contractor?

Licensed Electrical Contractors in NSW:

  • Carry insurances to protect against accidental property damage, injury and death
  • Must offer Warranty
  • Often have a reputation to maintain
  • Are regulated by the Department of Fair Trading, providing you with protection against:
    • Faulty or non-compliant workmanship
    • Contractual and/or payment disputes

Use of a Licensed Electrical Contractor:

  • Will not void Manufacturer’s Warranties (while manufacturer’s instructions are followed)

“In the event of a fire or accident which is attributed to electrical work completed by someone other than a Licensed Electrical Contractor, your home and contents and/or property insurance may be void.”

If your “electrician” does not hold an Electrical Contractors Licence:

  • They are not insured against the risk of damage, injury or death
  • They cannot issue a valid Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work
  • They do not submit their work for inspection
  • In the event of a fire or accident, their work may void your property insurance
  • Manufacturer’s warranties are void for all electrical items they install
  • If they damage your property or their work is faulty, they may disappear (fly by night)
  • They may not have a reputation to maintain which may be reflected in their workmanship
  • They may not be aware of current Australian Standards, Local Rules or Safe Practices

How long will it take to fix my electrical issues?

Typically, electrical issues can be resolved within an hour or so. But it will obviously depend on the type of problem. A whole-house electrical upgrade is certainly not going to be done in an hour, day, sometimes not even a week! The electrician will first have to diagnose the issue and then apply a fix. If the issue is not simple, they may have to return at a different date for an installation or full-service repair.

Questions to ask when selecting your next electrician

  1. Can I please see your Electrical Contractors Licence?
  2. Can I please see your Public Liability Insurance certificate of currency?
  3. Are you a member of Master Electricians Australia?
  4. Do you carry a copy of the Australian Wiring Rules for easy reference?
  5. Do you offer a lifetime warranty on your workmanship?
  6. Do you install materials so as to maintain manufacturer’s warranties?
  7. Can you give me a fixed price quotation for my job?
  8. Will you complete the work “in-house” or do you use sub-contractors?
  9. Will you contact me if you are running late?
  10. Do you use reputable brands such as Clipsal, Hagar, HPM or NHP?
  11. How well do you clean up after yourself?
  12. Will you provide me with a CCEW on completion (Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work)?

What your electrician must be able to show you in order to confirm his expertise?

  1. Company Electrical Contractors Licence
  2. Individual Electrical Supervisors Certificate
  3. Company Public Liability Insurance certificate of currency
  4. A copy of AS/NZS 3000:2018 Electrical Installations (known as the Australian New Zealand Wiring Rules)
  5. Many genuine 4 and 5-Star customer reviews
  6. Photographs of previous projects

Our Commercial Electrician Services Include:

  • General Electrical
  • 24/7 emergency electrical service & fault detection
  • Drop everything priority service
  • Light & power installations, maintenance & repairs
  • Appliance installations, maintenance & repairs
  • Generator installations, maintenance & repairs
  • Temporary and site power installations, maintenance & repairs
  • Inspections & testing
  • Electrical appliance test & tagging
  • Property maintenance
  • Insurance claims
  • Shop fitouts
  • Remodelling and retrofitting
  • USB powerpoints
  • LED lighting
  • Downlights
  • Halogen to LED downlight conversions
  • Outdoor & garden lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Monthly lamp and defect inspection + quote
  • Backlit signage maintenance and repairs
  • Ceiling fans
  • Exhaust fans
  • Bathroom fan / light / heater combination fittings
  • Smoke alarms
  • Alfresco area heaters

Solar (Photovoltaics)

  • Solar system maintenance & repairs
  • Solar inverter replacement, maintenance & repairs
  • Solar array replacement, maintenance & repairs
  • Power Diverter installations, maintenance & repairs

Switchboards & Supply

  • Switchboard installations, maintenance & repairs
  • Complete switchboard upgrades
  • Responsible switchboard asbestos removal
  • Safety switches
  • Surge protection
  • Aerial services
  • Underground services
  • UGOH connections
  • Service upgrades
  • Mains connection box replacement
  • Hardwood timber block replacement
  • Point of attachments & riser brackets
  • Private service poles
  • Endeavour Energy Customer Defect rectification
  • UV damage repair


  • Telephone & data installations, maintenance & repairs
  • NBN advice & assistance


  • Television antenna & outlet installations, maintenance & repairs
  • Television connection & tuning
  • Wall mount television installations

Why LANA Tradie?

Lana Tradie  (02) 4285 6101 are reliable Wollongong electricians now based in North Wollongong.  Since 2004, we’ve been delivering nothing but exceptional customer service plus quality, compliant and functional electrical work throughout Wollongong and the Northern Illawarra.

Our mission is to resolve our customers’ electrical problems and ensure the electrical safety, efficiency and functionality of their homes, investments and workplaces.

We pride ourselves on being consistently punctual, professional & productive.

Why choose Lana Tradie:

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Many 5-Star customer reviews
  • Recognised by Three Best Rated
  • We offer 24/7 emergency electrical service & fault detection
  • We’re fully licensed and insured
  • We prefer to provide you with a detailed written quotation (no surprises)
  • We allow you to approve the scope of work and price before commencing work
  • We arrive on time or we’ll contact you beforehand
  • We provide prompt, polite & friendly service
  • We remove our boots or wear boot covers as appropriate
  • We provide and quality workmanship and quality products
  • All fittings, appliances and materials are installed to maintain manufacturer’s warranties
  • We provide a lifetime warranty on our workmanship
  • We clean as we go, using our own wipes, broom, dustpan & vacuum
  • We leave site cleaner than we found it
  • We provide multiple payment options
  • We provide a Certificate of Compliance for all installations
  • We provide detailed written invoices